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Spa de Marrakech


Body Treatments, Facials, Massage.

Created with age-old Arab healing rituals in mind, Spa de Marrakech is a unique day spa where no treatment is too extravagant. You might find you love the spa so much, you want to stay, which is fine, as Spa de Marrakech is located at the Japanese Mountain Retreat resort in the scenic town on Montrose. Visiting the spa will make you feel like you're rendezvousing in old-world Casablanca, with its private tea rooms, luxurious drapery and opulent artwork. Relax in the hot mineral spring water of the Roman bath house or indulge in an oriental hammam ritual where your body is scrubbed, massaged, perfumed and purified to perfection. Maybe even indulge in a delicious spa lunch or spa dinner afterwards.
Day Spa - Wellness Retreat


14 Mountain Crescent
Montrose - 3765


03 9737 0086


Accommodation, Health Retreat, Jacuzzi or Spa, Pamper Packages, Swimming Pool, Food or beverage available.

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Spa de Marrakech