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Koly's Treats - NSW (Delivery)

Koly's Treats ship Australia wide. FREE SHIPPING for all orders of $59 or more! All dog and cat treats are 100% Australian or New Zealand. With the odd exception, our treats are Single Ingredient, Chemical Free and All Natural and that's just the way we like it.

Your pet's health and well being is our number one priority, so they work hard to only source products which fit our strict criteria: AUS/NZ produced and made, single ingredient, chemical free, all natural, and beneficial for your pet's health and well being. They also need to be by-products i.e. the bits of the animal which us humans do not eat and which would normally be waste.

Koly's treats are also available here because they have a purpose, such as aid in teeth cleaning and reducing bad breath, stimulating your dog, providing acceptable chew treat options for those dogs who love to have a good chew and which won't be demolished in under 60 seconds, to aid in reducing joint health problems, low fat options for those who suffer from medical and dietary requirements, for example.
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Koly's Dog Treats ship Australia wide. FREE SHIPPING for all orders of $59 or more!

Please call 0415 215 760 for operating hours. When placing an order, please advise Koly's Dog Treats that you will be using a Best Pets Gift Card towards payment.

Koly's Treats - NSW (Delivery)