We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to activate any cards bought online before 1st April 2018. Please complete the card activation form below and we will be in touch asap.

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ONLY customer who received a Best Gift Card that was purchased on www.bestgiftcards.com.au will need to be activated.
In-store bought gift cards are automatically activated upon point of sale.

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Security Code

NB: The security code was sent to the purchaser via email when they purchased the gift card online.
Please contact the purchaser directly for the security code and confirm whether they have already activated the card online.

Barcode number
NB: Please enter the 30 digit card number from the back of your card as highlighted in yellow in the example below.
The card number below is an example only.
Ensure that you enter all 30 digits, the counter next to the card number field should show 0 before you click the Activate button below.
back of card

For support queries please make sure you have entered all details on this page and then click here.