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Sustain Lane


Body Treatments, Men's treatments, Weight loss, Wellness.

Sustain Lane in South Plympton is innovative in it's approach to providing personalised solutions in body slimming, toning and wellness treatments. Their focus is to use tried and tested expert treatments which are non-invasive, do not require any surgery and are completely safe. These treatments include diathermy heat body wraps which cause the fat droplets to break down and tone the area and electrical muscles stimulation to help strengthen muscles and recreate the beneficial affects of exercising. These treatments are ideal for all ages and their clientele range from new mums, athletes to the elderly and are a popular method of alternative pain management.

Wellness Centre


12 Lynton Avenue
South Plympton - 5038


0422 345 932



Opening Times

Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-11am
Other times by appointment

Sustain Lane