Salary Packaging Corporate Card Program

What’s new?

As part of de Groots strategy of delivering more customers to your restaurant or spa/salon, Best Restaurants and Spas & Beauty has secured a partnership with some of Australia’s largest Salary Packaging Companies.

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging is an Australian Tax Office (ATO) approved way of maximising eligible employees’ salary by allowing certain items such as cafes, restaurants, accommodation experiences and/or beauty treatments to be purchased with pre-taxed dollars.

Why this matters to you?

Through this partnership, de Groots has the exclusive rights to promote to ~250k cardholders and in doing so, influence them to spend these funds at your business. We are currently under rollout, with ~300k cardholders over the coming 12 months.

How to track these transactions?

  • Mastercard cards will start with 5577 26
  • VISA cards will start with 4748 39

Cards are swiped through your EFTPOS machine so you receive 100% of the funds straight away, as per your acquiring arrangements for Visa and Mastercard payments. We then invoice you on the agreed commission. You are only charged commission on the first $150 of the bill, anything over this amount, is commission free. There are currently 5 cards accepting the program and growing over time.

How the cards work and how they look?

When paying for the transaction they swipe or tap their Salary Packaging Mastercard or VISA card. Since these cards run on the Mastercard or VISA rails, there is no staff training, POS, software, or hardware integration logos of each of these companies.

Benefits of the program

This new partnership has allowed for Best Restaurants and Spas & Beauty partners to add ~250k cardholders and nearly $3 million in monthly spend happening at restaurants and spa/salons across the country.

By working with EML Payments, we’re able to connect you to the affluent market of the country by influencing these cardholders to spend that allowance only at our partnered merchants. Cardholder’s cards can be redeemed in selected locations.

In doing so, we’ve seen a 20% increase in new customers, 16% higher ticket value and 15% higher visit frequency as a merchant when participating.

For more detailed information on how the Salary Packaging Corporate Program offering works, tracking these transactions, and past results, please call us on 1300 344 366.