FAQs for Best Gift Cards

Please note that your Best Gift Card will only operate at restaurants and spas on these lists. Best Restaurants Gift Card list / Best Spas Gift Card list.
You can use your Best Restaurants gift card for all food and beverage payments at participating restaurants and use your Best Spas gift card for treatments at participating spas / beauty salons listed.
There are no fees or costs on your card. They are sold for the face value amount and accepted by the restaurants and spas up to the value on the card or whatever amount you wish to pay.
You present your Best Gift Card when the bill is given to you. You nominate the amount you wish to pay with your Best Gift Card and this is deducted from your bill. If you still have funds on your card you must ensure it is returned to you. Read how it works.
Some restaurants and spas will only allow one card per table/booking, please check this when you make the booking.
If it was bought in a store it will have been activated at the point of sale and is valid for 3 years. If however it was bought online it will be activated automatically after purchase.
Yes they do. Your card is valid for 3 years from the date of activation. If this date is not written on the back of the card it is your responsibility to check the balance and expiry date at Check my card page.
If you are uncertain whether the card was bought in a store go to check my balance and expiry date at Check my card page. If the value of the card is showing at the top with the expiry date then it has been activated.

If it is showing ZERO then you will need to have the card activated. Activate a Best Gift Card.
Just go to Check my card page to check for card balance and expiry.
Your card is multi-usable and you can continue using it until the value of the card has been used up or the card expires.
Best Gift Cards should be treated like cash and kept in a secure place. We cannot replace a lost or stolen card under any circumstances.
Cards which have used all their funds or have expired will not be accepted for payment. You will need to pay the restaurant. Should your card not work but is in funds and not expired, please contact us.
In most cases it is not possible to use a Best Gift Card in conjunction with other promotions i.e. Entertainment Card. However check with the restaurant or spa and ask them their policy as some may allow it the Best Gift Card to be used.
No. Your card expires when the monetary value is used up. As Best Gift Cards are sold at face-value at over 3,000 stores, it is convenient to purchase another.
No. Your card has been given to you as a gift for you to experience the restaurant and spa of your choice.