/ Terms & Conditions for merchants

accepting the Best Spas Gift Card

All merchant partners accepting the Best Spas Gift Card™ agree to accept and abide by the following terms and conditions:
  1. The stated merchant partner agrees to accept and honour the Best Spas Gift Card™ issued by de Groots Services Pty. Limited, which trades under the name de Groots Media.
  2. The card-holder will inform the merchant partner of the amount to be debited on their card. Best Spas Gift Card™ is an Eftpos card and is processed as a "savings" card. The whole of the amount debited on the card is paid to the merchant partner's nominated bank account.
  3. The merchant partner specifically acknowledges that it will pay the de Groots Services Pty. Limited agreed service fee.
  4. de Groots Services Pty. Limited will invoice the merchant partner for the agreed fee plus GST for its services. The invoice shall nominate each occasion and the amount the Best Spas Gift Card™ has been debited at their business terminals. This invoice will be paid in the manner agreed on in the joining form.
  5. Merchant partners must take all reasonable care in descriptions of products and services. No claim should be made which cannot be demonstrated to card-holders on arrival.
  6. Merchant partners are responsible for informing all their staff about the procedures for the use of the Best Spas Gift Card™. These procedures are set out in the supplied welcome kit.
  7. To allow us to have the most up-to-date information about you on our website, it is the vendor responsibility to advise us of any changes to their listing on our site. These changes would include; phone numbers, operating hours, name, new services and renovations needing new photography.
  8. Most important. Your payments from cardholders using the Best Spas Gift Card™ are made by our bank reading your terminal number. The terminal number is in the Eftpos database and gives our bank the details of your bank to send the payment to. If you change your terminals or your bank, you must inform us immediately. Otherwise the card will be declined as it does not recognise your new terminal number.
  1. If a card is declined, we may be able to assist by calling us on 1300 344 366 during business hours and some other times. We can see why the card is declined and we can try to resolve the payment to you. de Groots Services Pty. Limited is not responsible for the payment of any card that is declined. The card-holder should pay the bill and contact us on 1300 344 366 to check the status of the card.
  2. If a merchant partner sells their business then it should be brought to the purchaser's notice that the business is a partner in the de Groots Media's Best Spas Gift Card™ system. You should then contact us and inform us if the new owner wishes to continue with the program and give us the new details.
  3. Merchant partners will allow de Groots Services Pty. Limited to use photographs, descriptions and the logo of the property for promoting and marketing purposes.
  4. de Groots Services Pty. Limited may at any time change or alter these terms and conditions as it deems necessary. Merchant partners will be advised of any changes.
  5. de Groots Services Pty. Limited reserves the right to discontinue the supply of the Best Spas Gift Card™ and this shall be at its sole discretion.
  6. This agreement shall be in force for a period of twenty-four months from the date of signing. However, merchant partners may withdraw from the system at any time by giving de Groots Services Pty. Limited written thirty days notice of its intention to withdraw from the Best Spas Gift Card™ system. Notices should be sent to; Suite 453, 311 Castlereagh Street, Sydney N.S.W. 2000.
  7. Members shall give one-month's notice in writing to end the agreement at the end of the twenty-third month period. If at the end of the twenty-four months period and no such notice has been given then the agreement shall continue until the member gives one month's notice in writing to de Groots Services Pty. limited. In consideration for de Groots Services Pty. Limited agreeing to the Merchant participating in the Best Spas Gift Card™ program, for the term of the Merchant’s participation in this program, the Merchant will not directly or indirectly participate in any spa, beauty or wellness gift card program, other than through de Groots Services Pty. Limited, and then only in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  8. Should any dispute arise between the parties, the member specifically agrees to firstly submit to mediation. This agreement is made under the laws of New South Wales.