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Ballarat Salt Rooms


Massage, Pregnancy, Wellness, Salt Therapy, Float Tank.

Ballarat Salt Rooms and Wellness Centre offers a unique concept in healing - Salt Therapy. This is the concept of creating a room with salt on the floor and micro-granules in the air, much like the environment of a salt mine providing a natural, non-invasive solution for children and adults who experience respiratory and skin conditions. The Floatation Tank is the fastest, easiest and safest means of achieving a dramatic improvement in the quality of day-to-day living by helping you to make the most efficient use of your mind and your body. (REST) Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique. Also available is a Vibrosaun. The Vibrosaun can be used in a relaxing way for: Sports Recovery, Detox, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Back Pain Relief, Arthritis, Cellulite and many other forms of relief.
Wellness Retreat


242 Main Road
Ballarat - 3350


03 5331 7810


Health Retreat, Pamper Packages.

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Mon 9 am to 6pm, Tues 1am to 5pm
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Ballarat Salt Rooms