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Barkers In Balance - Lake Macquarie Area

Introducing a dog into a human household is potentially a clash of cultures. Dog behaviours that humans want to label as “bad” are viewed as normal dog behaviours in the dog’s culture. It is the responsibility of the humans to refine the dog’s behaviours by eliminating the unwanted behaviours without punishing the dog.

We describe our approach as “Balanced” as we promote two major engagements with the dog:

- To create the behaviours we want, we set up the dog to give us those behaviours and positively reinforce the behaviour so that the dog will naturally want to repeat those behaviours.
- To discourage the behaviours we don’t want, we take away something that has meaning to the dog at that time, e.g. if the dog is jumping on us we take away our attention and movement until the dog calms or sits and we reinforce that alternate behaviour.

We never ever administer an aversive to the dog. We do not shout, pull against the dog on a lead or intimidate a dog in any way.

It is crucial that before a puppy is 18 weeks of age he/she has learned that it is not acceptable to break the skin of humans or other animals. Before 18 weeks of age a puppy needs to have been systematically and positively introduced to a wide variety of methods of handling, new sights, sounds and sensations. This will prepare the dog for a confident and secure journey into adulthood.

We have woven these facts into our puppy programs. This is what makes our puppy classes so unique and successful.
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Lake Macquarie Area
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Please contact 0459 574 428 for operating hours and to make a booking.

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Barkers In Balance - Lake Macquarie Area