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Linda Warlond - Pet Photographer

Linda Warlond has been in the Photography industry for 20 years within Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. With not only a passion for photography, Linda has a profound love for all animals and her two passions go hand in hand.

Over the years Linda has worked on many different projects that have included animals of all sorts including feathered friends, reptiles, monkeys, cats and dogs. As you would understand, some animals are more difficult to work with than others, but Linda doesn’t walk away from a challenge.

Since 2012 Linda also has been the professional photographer for a charity called Pets in the Park. A charity that cares for pets owned by people who are homeless or becoming homeless.

In 2017 Linda’s pet portraiture was recognised by the AIPP and Linda gratefully accepted the award for Pet/Animal Portrait Photographer of the Year.
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Linda Warlond - Pet Photographer